Danieli Winery

About us

Why Danieli?

Several years ago, my wife, Eka, and I decided to tie the marital knot in the Georgian Orthodox Church, requiring me to convert and be given a proper baptismal name — not an easy task, based on my Scandinavian Viking heritage. But thanks to the ingenuity of my spiritual mentor Adam, charged with assigning my baptismal name, the best solution came to the fore: “That Fellow Dane” – or Danieli, in Georgian! So next time you lift a fine glass of Danieli wine, feel inspired to toast “the dude from Denmark”!

In addition, we like the sound of the word Danieli, imbuing elegance and deliberate balance, reflecting the outstanding quality of our wines. And being hopeless romantics, we also love the historically rich and elegant Hotel Danieli in Venice. Our vines mirror its heritage setting and noble atmosphere on the Grand Canal in this magnificent city on the glittering Adriatic Sea.

With regard to “Danieli,” then — it all came together naturally, just like our wines!