Danieli Winery

Wine Traditions

The roots of Georgian viticulture have been traced back through archaeology to at least 8,000 BC. Georgians were cultivating grapes and burying clay vessels, called kvevris, in which to store their wine for serving at the perfect ground-based temperature. The continuous importance of winemaking and drinking in Georgian culture is visible in various works of art. From the 4th century AD, wine gained further importance in Georgian culture when Saint Nino, who preached Christianity in Georgia, bore a cross made from grapevine wood.

Danieli Winery grows only traditional Georgian grapes in the Akhmeta region on south-facing slopes near the village of Argokhi. This terroir is famous for the magnificent Kisi grape variety, which is enjoying a resurgence after nearly disappearing during the country’s Communist period. Danieli Winery is proud to be revitalizing the modern production of these wines for the world to discover!